Saturday, November 29, 2014

Just for one day...Featuring lyrics from Heroes by David Bowie.

It was a dream in the late 90s
From a sleepless night or a hang over
I heard David Bowie sing in the middle of that haze
I wish that morning it was cold in an overcast way
Something told me to not make plans
Something told me my place was there
To Ride out the hangover
It was time to wake up
As I tried to shake the hangover
As I tried to get up
As I tried to figure out
What was going on...
"You, you can be mean,
"And I, I'll drink all the time,
"Cause we're lovers
"And that is a fact,
"Yes we're lovers, and that is that!"
then it was hot...
behind the explosions
apart from gun fire,
among the flames,
I knew,
we could beat them,
just for one day...
everything went deaf,
everything went mute
and I saw the sun set behind the sea
It was a dream in mid battle
on a summer's night
I could feel the warm breeze
It was only for one day...
then it was the heat
the heat of battle,
I was so tired
after that dream...
I was bleeding after that dream...
I was dying after that dream...
they put me on the gurney
to carry me out of battle...
I just stared to the sullen smoke sky
I could smell the burnt and forgotten
My eyes desperate to find the sun
in the middle of smoke
I whispered to myself
to my angels
to those who I love,
to who I'm in love with,
 "I wish you could swim
 "like dolphins can swim
"We can beat them,
"just for one day"
now I sleep,
now I dream,
and that song still plays in my head,
Was Bowie looking at me
as I went through battle?
Was Bowie dreaming
Or was I?
I'm in exile now,
and still I'm convinced
that just for one day,
I could be beat them,
for one day,
In exile, and old
war over for me,
not sure of what I did,
did I get my angel wings,
did I deserve a metal,
did I do enough,
"o nothing will drive them away...
"we could be heroes,
I whisper...
"Just for one day..."

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